Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.

-John Maxwell

As a Christian Business Owner you are uniquely positioned to impact the Kingdom. How the Christian Business Owner leads, encourages and empowers supervisors and employees drastically effects the effectiveness as part of Our Fathers Business in this world.

Your employees are balancing work and life issues such as caregiving, serious illness, loss and much more.

These issues not only affect your employees, but also their co-workers and the bottom line. Just how much are these issues impacting your workplace productivity and profitability?


Nearly 60% of those caregiving for someone 50 or older are working. (MetLife/NAC, 2006; AARP/NAC, 2004)


29% of employed caregivers report needing help balancing their work and family responsibilities. (AARP/ NAC, 2004)

The annual cost of grief in the workplace is estimated to be $75.1 billion. (Grief Recovery Institute, 2003)


45 percent of employees surveyed feel they have enough time each week to manage their personal and professional responsibilities. (WorkplaceTrends.com, 2015)

Our training program will equip you and your supervisors and HR managers to:

  • Serve as chaplains for your employees who are facing life situations.
  • Pray with people when they need it most.
  • Encourage loyalty and engagement of employees in the workplace.