Christian Business Incubators (CBI) is an instructor lead organization designed to equip you with the skills necessary to Minister in your MarketPlace.

The incubator exists to start you on the path for development and maturing your skills necessary to function as a MarketPlace Minister, regardless of your career.

Whether you’re a ticket agent at the airport or a Christian business owner, our incubators will equip you to be God’s representative in the workplace.

Not only will our incubators equip you in the areas such as human resource management/ministry, business ownership and administration or MarketPlace Ministry, it will also help you explore the career path of chaplaincy. In the near future, you can visit our chaplain training website, MarketPlace Ministry University.

We use Biblical principals to Equip

We teach in the incubator how to use Christian principals. We equip you, rather than teach you.  In the equipping process we make sure you gain demonstrable skills to be maturing and productive in your chosen career.